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Chelsea C1750

Tea bowl & Saucer

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Octagonal tea bowl and saucer, attractively decorated using the Famille Verte palette.

The Famille Verte palette is a specific color palette used in Chinese porcelain during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The palette is characterized by the use of a wide range of bright and bold colors, including greens, blues, yellows, and reds, as well as a variety of shades and tones of these colors. The palette gets its name from the use of green as a dominant color. The Famille Verte palette was used to create a wide variety of porcelain objects, including vases, bowls, plates, and other decorative items. The decoration of these objects typically included intricate designs, such as landscapes, figures, and floral motifs, and was often done in a style that combined Chinese and European elements. Famille Verte porcelain was highly prized by the upper classes and is considered highly collectible today, both for Asian and European porcelain.

Raised Anchor mark to saucer.

Hairline to saucer invisibly restored.

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