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Wedgwood C1770

Porphry Miniature Oenochoe

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A splendid miniature oenochoe in creamware, decorated to simulate porphyry. Much of the original gilding still remains, which is unusual, as Wedgwood's gilding at this time did not stick very well. The effect is actually rather pleasing.

Exhibited: Wedgwood, Master Potter to the Universe, Roche Foundation, 2023.

An oenochoe (plural: oenochoai) is a type of ancient Greek vessel used for pouring wine. It typically features a tall, slender neck and a wide body with a single handle attached from the neck to the shoulder or body of the vessel. The word "oenochoe" is derived from the Greek words "oinos" (wine) and "cheo" (to pour), reflecting its primary function.

Oenochoai were commonly made of ceramic and were used in ancient Greek symposia, which were social gatherings where men would come together to drink wine, converse, and enjoy entertainment such as music, poetry, and philosophical discussions. The oenochoe played a practical role in these gatherings, allowing the wine to be poured from larger vessels, such as kraters, into individual drinking cups known as kylixes.

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Height: 8.5"