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Unknown 1911

Earl's Coronet. Hunt & Roskell

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An Earl’s Coronet, in silver-gilt, by Hunt & Roskell: the firm formerly known as Storr & Mortimer, a direct line to Paul Storr. Made in 1911, no doubt for the Coronation of George V and Queen Mary. Although an opus number is stamped on the rim, the records were lost in the War and so we cannot determine whom this coronet was made for.

Coronets were required at the opening of the House of Lords and some other state functions, but most notably at The Coronation. This example is a smallish size by modern standards but seems to be normal for the time.

The coronet is in good overall condition. An old repair to one of the stems. The velvet cap is detached but could be reattached, it is simply sewn onto the silver rim. However, as the coronet is best kept as a piece for display, cleaning it is much easier with the cap removed so I would suggest leaving it like this. The tassel is shorter than other examples and may have been abbreviated. The balls unscrew for cleaning.

Hunt & Roskell was a prominent British luxury jeweller and silversmith  that operated during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Founded in 1843 by Paul Storr, who is generally the best silversmith of (at least) his generation. Later, under the leadership of Hunt and Roskell, the company became known for its exquisite jewellery and silverware, and gained a reputation as one of the most prestigious jewellers in London. They were eventually taken over by Garrard & Co.

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