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Worcester C1760

Saucer Dish, Milk Maids with Double rebus

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Transfer print decoration of The Milkmaids.

The engraving carries marks for three important people, and is very rare.

The double-anchor represent the Holdship brothers, Richard and Josiah. Richard was a major shareholder in the Worcester works, and his name appears on numerous leases and other documents connected with the founding of the manufactory. The two brothers were responsible for perfecting, and probably for inventing, the process of transfer printing; and they oversaw the printing operations at Worcester.

The HR monogram is for Richard Hancock, one the best and most important of the engravers of this period.

These marks are rare in themselves, and rarer still to find them together. Given the times these three were working at Worcester together, the also date the dish to a year either side of 1757.

Truly a rare and important piece.

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Height: 1.5"