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Bow C1751

Sportsman Toper

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A youth in contemporary costume of breeches, open jacket, waistcoat, boots and a wide brimmed hat, and reclining on a mound base moulded with dead game and applied with flowers and foliage. He drinks from a goblet in his right hand and holds a flask in his left. All in the white. Grey-green translucency. H. 5.5 in (139 cm) W.4.8 in (12.1 cm).

The figure is an early, probably prototype, model, slightly grey white, on a largely open base which reveals a ‘reinforced’ structure; described by Watney as ‘a favourite primitive’ ... ‘buttressed by a strong overall cone-shape and further strengthened by a ‘cutout’ additional layer inside the base in the manner of pastry making.’ (Freeman Collection, Foreward, 1982).

Provenance: with Albert Amor Ltd, London, 1997.

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Height: 5.5"