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Derby Porcelain Works C1775

Jason and Medea

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A large and impressive figural group showing Jason and Medea at the Altar of Diana. From Monnet’s engraving for Jason and the Golden Fleece.

In Greek mythology, Jason and Medea were both prominent figures. Jason was the leader of the Argonauts, a group of heroes who set out on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Medea was a powerful sorceress and the daughter of the king of Colchis. She was known for her cunning and intelligence, and was said to possess the ability to perform magic.

The story of Jason and Medea at the Altar of Diana involves the couple's flight from Corinth after Medea has killed her children. In some versions of the story, Medea is driven to this act by a desire for revenge against Jason, who she believes has betrayed her. In other versions, she kills her children in order to protect them from being punished for her own actions.

After committing the murders, Medea and Jason flee to the Altar of Diana, where they seek refuge and protection. Diana, the goddess of the hunt and the moon, is known for her compassion and is often depicted as a protector of women. It is said that she granted Medea and Jason sanctuary at her altar, allowing them to escape from their pursuers.

The story of Jason and Medea at the Altar of Diana is an example of the complex and often tragic relationships that are a central theme in Greek mythology. It highlights the themes of love, betrayal, and the destructive power of emotion.

Prov. Lady Humphries Collection.

Firing cracks; some filled.

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Height: 13"