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Bow C1755

Punch Bowl

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A rather splendid punch bowl from the Bow Porcelain Factory, enameled with flowers and insects in the Famille Rose style. A good size, at almost nine inches in diameter.

Famille Rose is a type of Chinese porcelain decoration that was first developed in the 18th century during the Qianlong period (1735-1796) of the Qing Dynasty. The name "Famille Rose" refers to the pink or rose-colored enamel that is used in the decoration of the porcelain.

The technique involves painting designs onto the porcelain using a paste made from ground glass, which is then fired at high temperatures to create a hard, glossy surface. The designs are typically colorful and depict a wide variety of subjects such as landscapes, figures, birds, and flowers.

Famille Rose porcelain is known for its intricate and detailed designs and vibrant colors. The technique was used to create a wide range of objects such as vases, plates, bowls, teapots, and other decorative items. Famille Rose porcelain was highly prized by the Chinese imperial court and was also exported to Europe and the Americas, where it was highly sought after by collectors and the wealthy. Today, Famille Rose porcelain is considered highly collectible and can be found in museums and private collections around the world, whether Chinese or European.

Filled rim chip.

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