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Wedgwood C1810

Pastille burner; 2nd Feby mark.

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In rosso antico with black decoration.

Complete with lid. There is a kind of inner platform, but it's a frog and not original to the piece.

This example boasts an extremely rare mark, probably associated with trials of a new pyrometer or kiln.

It is known that Josiah Wedgwood II was engaged in experiments with a new kind of pyrometer at this date. Reilly points out that the known examples are all items of a kind that were very sensitive to problems in the firing - tripod stands and/or lustre decoration are features of all the known examples. This would appear to be a special mark used to identify a particular firing as part of the testing.

Two of the supporting dolphins have cracks in the upper parts of the tails; possibly the bowl has been off at some point. It has been very neatly glued back and this is hardly noticeable on display.

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Height: 5.5"