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Sevres C1780

Dish decorated by Thomas Martin Randall

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A dish from Sèvres’ first year of production, kept as a spare, then decorated C1840 in London, probably in the workshop of Thomas Martin Randall; flower painting attributed to Robert Bix Gray.

Marked for Sèvres with date letter for 1754. It was customary for Sèvres to store spare blanks for services they made. After Napoleon's rise to power, he forbade Sèvres to sell any of the old 'royal' shapes, so the stock of blanks remained in storage for many years. From around 1810 they were permitted to sell the blanks undecorated; they were much prized by the London decorators as the glaze was particularly well suited to their work.

The glaze has bubbled just under the upper bird, but not burst.

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