Pair of Lions


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Porcelain Figurine

In the white. One modelled recumbent to the right, the other to the left; each with head turned towards its back and with forepaw on a large ball (globe or possibly a pearl in the presumably original Chinese imagery), and tail over back legs. Each on low rectangular base.

White porcelain  and dense white glaze, with some black speckling. Grey-green translucency. Underside with circular holes. L. 4.0 in (10.0 cm).

Provenance: with Errol Manners, London, 2003.
Condition: Excellent. 

Bow produced several  lion models from the early 1750s through to approximately 1760. Others include (i) a ‘model’ version, 11.5 in  (29cm) of the renowned C16th  Medici (Vacca) Florentine lions (see Adams & Redstone, 1991, figs 126-7, circa 1750-53); (ii) Pair, large prowling lion and lioness on rockwork bases, L. 9.0 in (23cm), circa  1750-52, in the white, Newham Collection, #92; (iii) Small, friendly pair, H. 4.0 in (10 cm), circa 1750-52, seated with forepaw raised, Newham Collection, #93.

Most lion figures were apparently in the white although enamelled versions are known, some depicting the globes with geographic ‘details’ in colours: see Katz Collection, MFA, Boston, as circa 1752, #1988.588. 

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Year C1750
Height N/A
Width 4"
Diameter N/A
Shape Number N/A
length N/A
Manufacturer Bow Porcelain Factory
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