St Francis


Porcelain Figurine

Although usually catalogued as a monk, this is clearly a mendicant friar, most likely St Francis. A rare figure, scarcely seen. Probably based on a baroque sculpture.

The majority of Bow religious figures were probably derived from continental models, some presumably linked to specific orders. Their number, variety and decoration would suggest however that many may have been regarded as costume figures. Rosalie Wise Sharp, 2002, p.158, illustrates a copy of a print showing the gathering in the Ranelagh Gardens, April 1749, for the Grand Jubileee Masquerade ‘By His Majesty’s Command’ with costumed figures which include a nun and a monk; Ceramics, Ethics & Scandal, 2002, p. 158. The singular accuracy of the habit, and the characteristic pose echoing baroque religious sculpture, would seem to point to the religious rather than the secular, intended either the recusant market or for Europe.

Old restoration to back of cowl.

Prov Taylor Collection

More Information
Year C1756
Height 6.8"
Width N/A
Diameter N/A
Shape Number N/A
length N/A
Manufacturer Bow Porcelain Factory
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