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Links to other sites that may be of interest:

Wedgwood Society of Australia

Based in Melbourne. Download the Membership Form as a PDF.

Wedgwood Society of NSW

Wedgwood Society of Washington DC

Moorabool Antique Galleries
Specialists in early ceramics of all kinds, and general antiques as well. They claim to have Australia's largest range of antique ceramics, and I believe them.

Alexis Antiques
Another excellent source of antique Wedgwood; also has a useful research service for a small fee.

Alan Landis Antiques
Specialist in Wedgwood, the lesser English ceramics, and silver; located in Sydney.

The Wedgwood Museum

The Buten Wedgwood Collection at the Birmingham Museum of Art
The largest collection of Wedgwood outside the UK.

The Powerhouse Museum
Has a large and interesting collection of Wedgwood that can be viewed on line.

The National Gallery of Victoria
Has one of the best collections of Wedgwood in the world, although only parts of it are usually on display. The collection includes two First Edition Portland Vases. We generally try to keep a copy of the catalogue of the collection in the shop; it's called Three Centuries of Wedgwood, by Margaret Legge.

British Pathe
Home of the old newsreels. This link will show you the Wedgwood related films I have found there; I suggest watching The Making of Wedgwood 1 and 2 first.