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Susannah Margaretta Makeig-Jones (known as 'Daisy') joined Wedgwood as a paintress, and rose to head her own design studio, eventually producing Wedgwood’s line of Lustreware.

With the decline of popularity of Wedgwood’s conservative designs, the company was in financial trouble. Daisy designed ‘Ordinary Lustre’ – Dragon, Butterfly, Hummingbird – in 1914, then her unparalleled ‘Fairyland’ range was in production by 1917. Both were an unparalleled success, particularly the Fairyland, with its innovative juxtaposition of colours and designs using successive layers of liquid lustre glazes.

Despite the War, it was an immediate success: it immediately catapulted Wedgwood into the forefront as a producer of ornamental wares, leaving other companies such as Carlton & Fieldings scrambling to produce their own pale imitations of her innovative designs.

Production of Lustreware continued until 1931. The onset of the Depression and the rise of Art Deco caused the range to fall from popularity as quickly as it had risen only 15 years before. It became popular again in the 1960’s, particularly the rarer and more elaborate Fairyland examples, and has continued to rise in favour and price ever since.

Her name is pronounced "mak-eye Jones".

Daisy Makeig-Jones

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